Get Out and Eno – Hammock Life 101

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Many folks I know go on and on about how much they love their ENO hammocks. They’ve got quite the following, and for good reason. People don’t even call them hammocks…it’s just “an ENO.” I had borrowed one from a friend for a concert one summer, but that was the only experience I’d had with them. I was super excited to get my hands on a Doublenest (their larger version; there’s also a Singlenest.) As soon as the bundle arrived at my door, I was ready to try out my very own ENO.

This is the life!

The Doublenest is compact and folds into its own attached pocket….You’ll never lose the bag! It packs down to about the size of a cantelope, but is not nearly as heavy, weighing in at 20 ounces. It’s made out of a strong, silky, breathable nylon and feels light and sturdy. The Doublenest offers two more feet of fabric, which can make room for another person, or just give you more room to lounge around in. The Doublenest can accommodate up to 400 pounds .


ENO offers a couple of options for hanging straps, but I like the Atlas strap suspension system. The straps are designed to not damage trees, and are easily adjustable. The strap wraps around the tree, loops into itself, and then you clip the hammock into the appropriate spot for the height you need. Once hung, the hammock feels amazingly sturdy. I think that’s one of the most impressive things about the ENO…it’s so lightweight and airy, but hanging in it, it feels solid. Getting in and out is easier than expected, which is welcome, since I always feel like a total klutz climbing out of my parents’ rope hammock. Significantly less precarious and awkward wobbling involved here. 🙂

Atlas Strap Suspension System

The Doublenest is definitely roomy enough for two, but because of the physics of hanging, you’ll pretty much roll into each other. Make sure you’re hammocking with someone you like…a lot. The bonus is that if you’re solo in the Doublenest, there’s enough fabric to roll yourself up into a little cocoon, which is nice. Because of the space in the ENO, my kids were able to play in it together, and I wasn’t worried about them breaking it or hurting themselves….which is a rare treat!


ENO makes some cool accessories to accompany your new hammock. Lots of people rave about the ENO Twilights. I’m a sucker for good lighting, so I know these would enhance any campsite or backyard hangout session. They’re battery-powered, and each strand is 120 inches long with 23 LED bulbs. Pretty! There’s also the DryFly Rain Tarp, The Guardian Bug Net, and the Possum Pocket (for storing gear).

ENO is offering a new product as well, called  The Islander Blanket. The blanket, much like the hammock, is lightweight and easy to carry. I thought this would be a great addition to our ENO collection because, as a family of five, we are always in need of extra seating. I was right. The blanket is perfect to throw in the car or bag and take to the park, campsite, or beach. It comes with four stakes for stability and a small zip pocket to store valuables. The kids love it, whether we are at home or out and about.

Relaxing on the Islander Blanket

Overall, I’m very glad we made the jump and finally got our Eno toys. The hammock and blanket bring an added value to our outdoors days, no matter where we are. For us, home is where we hang our hammock! Check out all the ENO products and photos at



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