How to Stay Warm on the Sidelines and at the Tailgate!

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Whether you’re a serious camper or just enjoy watching the kids play ball, this product will guarantee you stay warm and comfortable year-round.

by the OutsideDaily staff

Fall is here, and that means gridiron and tailgate grilling season is upon us. With the nights already cooling down and only going to get colder, we’re pulling out a product that made a huge difference in our ball field and camping outings this spring. We’re talking about the Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair and the Chaheati Headed Add-On. These two products kept us warm on the sidelines while everyone around us were either bundled up or shivering. Now, when the stadium lights come on and the sun goes down, we can enjoy the game and the crisp fall air without the misery.

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The Outdoor Comfort Game-Changer

The Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair is similar to most folding outdoor chairs. It is collapsible and stows in its own carry bag. The chair is made of a rugged 600-denier nylon, and comes with two cup holders in the armrests.

The seat portion is wide enough to accommodate most everyone. One design feature that separates this chair from others we’ve tested over the years is that the seat doesn’t sag like most. You sit relatively high in the chair, so sideline visibility is great, and you don’t cut off circulation to your legs. Furthermore, the armrests angle outward, so there’s more room if you’re wearing a jacket or coat or if you need to turn in order to catch the down-field action.

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Although the Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair offers superior design and material construction, the real value for outdoor sports fans is found within the double-wall, element-resistant seat fabric. Integrated into the seat and back are flexible carbon fibers that conduct heat yet won’t twist or break. The safe, low-voltage heating technology provides four different heat settings. The conductive fibers are powered by a small, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with integrated heating controls. The control unit fits in the palm of your hand, and stows in a small pocket located on the side of the chair. Simply plug it into the chair’s heating element lead and select your temperature setting. The thin heating element warms up in ten to 20 seconds. The setting you choose dictates the run time:

Low (6 hours @ 98.6-100.4º F)

Medium (3.5 hours @ 109.4-113º F)

High (2.5 hours @ 125.6-131º F)

Max (1.8 hours @ 141.8-145.4º F)

What’s great about the adjustable heat output is that you can customize the setting for the ambient temperature or the length of time you need the heating element activated. We’ve found that even during moderately cool temperatures, the Low and Medium settings were sufficient to keep the chill away. On really cold nights, the High and Max settings work out well.

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Each Chaheati comes with an AC/DC power adapter for recharging the battery. You can also purchase an optional 12-volt car charger if you need to top off the battery.

The Add-On Option

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So what if you already have a folding chair (or chairs) that you like, but still want to stay warm? This is where the Chaheati Heated Add-On comes in. The Heated Add-On utilizes the same woven heating technology found in the Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair, but you can install and use it on any folding chair. Hook and loop straps allow the Heated Add-On to fit securely on your existing folding chairs. The same battery is used in with the Add-On as is used in the Heated Chair, so the heat settings and durations are the same.

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Where to Buy

You can find the Chaheati Heated Add-On at select outdoor retailers nationwide. You can also purchase the Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair direct from the factory.

Whichever product best suits your game day needs this fall, we can tell you from first-hand experience that you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of this before!




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