The Hunting Tool You Can Use Year-Round!

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Designed to haul big deer without breaking your back, this versatile product is ideal for camping, outdoor recreation, or transporting supplies around the home and farm.

by the OutsideDaily staff

Viking Solutions is one of those uncommon companies whose name precisely states what they deliver to their customers: SOLUTIONS. This is particularly the case if you spend time in the outdoors.

Hunters know Viking Solutions as a manufacturer of innovative field-to-vehicle cargo management products.

We acquired a Viking Solutions Rack Jack last year and were beyond impressed with the ease in which we were able single-handedly to load deer, generators, and other heavy objects into the back of the truck without straining a muscle or breaking a sweat. We were so impressed, in fact, that we recently acquired another Viking Solutions product just in time for the spring camping and home-and-garden project seasons. Once again, we’re pleased to report an across-the-board “thumbs up!”

The Tilt-N-Go from Viking Solutions is a hybrid product in several ways, but its primary mission is two-fold: 1) get heavy objects from here to there, and 2) get those heavy objects from there to over there. In short, the Tilt-N-Go is a cargo cart that also serves as a cargo carrier.

Here’s what we mean.




The Tilt-N-Go was originally designed to solve a simple problem most big-game hunters have faced—transporting heavy deer from the field to the truck. To accomplish this, the engineering team at Viking Solutions envisioned a lightweight, highly mobile cargo cart that a solo hunter could bring into the field. Next, they figured out a way that the lone hunter could easily load a mature whitetail deer onto the cart. By designing a cart with two wheels, the cart could tilt, allowing a deer to be pulled onto the platform and then balanced for easy transport back to the vehicle.


Of course, the Tilt-N-Go can also work in the reverse, meaning you can also use it to transport heavy loads from your vehicle to the garage, the shed, or wherever you need to deposit material. Since we got ours at the start of the spring DIY season, that meant hauling home and garden supplies from our driveway to the shed on the back side of our property—a place we couldn’t get the truck to.


While the Tilt-N-Go is made so that you can pull heavy items like a deer onto the cart instead of lifting it, a tilted cart isn’t much use when you’re loading or unloading bulky items like we did last week—bags of concrete mix, lime, and potting soil. For this, the Tilt-N-Go features a folding stand that you can use to keep the cart level. If you need to unload with the cart tilted, you can do that, too.

Viking Solutions offers an optional hitch adapter for the Tilt-N-Go that allows you to pull the cart with your ATV or lawn tractor. Simply remove the handle and replace with the hitch adapter.



Like many of the products developed by Viking Solutions, the Tilt-N-Go fits into a 2-inch receiver hitch. That makes it perfect for transporting (no unloading the cart from your truck bed), but it also means you have a hitch-mounted cargo hauler at your disposal.

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We’re like a lot of hunters in that we often haul our ATVs in the truck bed instead of a trailer. That’s a problem when taking a large cooler to camp or when hauling a deer back home. The Tilt-N-Go solves that problem handily. Simply strap down items in the cargo rack, remove the wheels, and we’re ready to hit the road.

The Tilt-N-Go offers several ways to install or remove the cargo rack from your receiver hitch, depending on your situation. You can leave the hitch bar in the receiver and pull the rack off the hitch bar, or disconnect the entire unit from the receiver hitch and leave the hitch bar secured to the cart. The wheels connect via a shared axle and mounting bar, allowing both to be removed as a unit by simply unfastening the two lynch pins.

The Tilt-N-Go’s tilt function is two-fold. As mentioned earlier, the unit can be tilted (with the wheels as the fulcrum) in two directions to facilitate loading and unloading. When mounted to a receiver hitch, you can tilt the unit in either direction due to the design of the hitch bar. Removing the inner lynch pin and pulling the cart away from the vehicle disengages the hitch bar from the hitch flange on the side of the cargo rack. This allows you to tilt the rack left or right for loading and unloading, if necessary.

A benefit of this hitch bar design is that it allows you to install the Tilt-N-Go onto your receiver hitch without removing the hitch bar from the cargo rack. Simply disengage the hitch bar from the hitch flange, then tilt the rack at one end and rotate the bar until it slides into the receiver hitch. Once in, re-engage the rack and hitch bar and secure the lynch pin. We found this to be the easiest way to secure the Tilt-N-Go to our truck.



You can assemble the Tilt-N-Go in 10-15 minutes with a few simple hand tools.

The Tilt-N-Go has been a huge help around the home farm this year as we prep the garden and set up a new poultry shed. It’s also cured our “where do we put the cooler” problem when we haul the ATV to our weekend camp. And come deer season, you can bet we won’t be dragging deer back to the truck!

With the Tilt-N-Go, Viking Solutions has provided us with the solution to several problems…all in one package. Best of all, this is not a one-season product, but a product we’ll be using all year long.



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