What’s Your Best GORP Recipe?

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Gorp, which can stand for “good ol’ raisins and peanuts” or “granola, oats, raisins, and peanuts”, depending on who you’re talking to, is well-known staple of the backpacker. You might also know it as trail mix. Whatever you call it, it’s hard to beat when hunger hits.

There are tons of variations of the stuff. Some add chocolate– usually M&Ms, cranberries, corn nuts…the beauty of GORP is that you can tweak the recipe until you find just what you like. We’ve heard of people adding red pepper flakes or cayenne to get a sweet/spicy result. Some people spring for cashews as their nut of choice. We’ve even seen GORP with coconut thrown into the mix. Dried fruit can be a delicious addition, too. The list goes on and on….and on…help us out. What are some things you’ve used in your trail mix that we should know about? How much do you make at a time? Share your GORP tips! 9


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