We are Officially a BUFF Family!

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 Whether you’re looking to improve outdoor function or fashion or both, BUFF headgear provides solutions to problems you may not have even known you had.

by the OutsideDaily staff

I’ve known about BUFFs for years, beginning with my dad’s obsession with Survivor…I remember Jeff Probst always announcing, “Survivors, drop your BUFFs! You’re merging.” They were pretty much the only thing the folks on the show always had, and they were always using them as headbands, belts, wristbands, even tube tops when times got rough.

Buff everywhere!
BUFFs everywhere!

Fast forward a few years, and more people I know (especially those involved in the outdoors) are wearing BUFF gear and swearing by them. And little wonder. The Original BUFF (not the cheap knock-offs that have cropped up) and the variations that the company now makes offer many headwear solutions—from sweat control and hair management to warmth and UV protection—as well as a seemingly endless variety of ways to wear them.

The simplicity of the BUFF design allows you to wear it in a number of ways to meet your specific needs.
The simplicity of the BUFF design allows you to wear it in a number of ways to meet your specific needs.

The company has been around for about twenty years, and was founded by a guy who just wanted a great headband for his motorcycle travels. I love companies that start from a passion that continues to guide the business years after its founding. BUFF USA is one of those businesses. They manufacture the products at their own factory in Barcelona, so they keep a tight rein on quality control.

Like most families who enjoy the outdoors together, we love adding to our collection of outdoor gear, and try to make sure everyone gets what they need without buying a bunch of stuff that we won’t ever use.


I decided that it was finally time to make us a BUFF family, and let the kids choose their own designs. Not only has BUFF stayed up to date with the most current fabric technology, their designs are exciting and contemporary. The Original BUFF, which I selected for our first round, comes in a wide variety of solid colors and intricate prints. After our BUFFs arrived, I was surprised at how vibrant the colors hold up on the moisture-managing fabric (Original BUFFs are made from 100% polyester microfiber). Some quick researched revealed that it’s a dye-sublimation printing process that allows for such detail in the designs. Another plus is that BUFFs feature odor control that prevents bacterial and fungal growth. Less washing, you say? Sign me up!


FullSizeRender (6)
A few of our new BUFFs! The others were being worn and couldn’t be pried away for a photo.

Our pup Stella is also an avid hiker, so we couldn’t leave her out. Apparently, so many people were sharing their BUFFs with their hairy trail companions that the company made a line just for canines. An added feature of the doggy version is a couple of reflective strips that help keep your pet visible. This worked great around the campsite at night.

Happy Stella!

I was excited to try one of my BUFFs right away. They’re just the right amount of stretchy, and there are no seams to come loose and fray. I have crazy, naturally curly hair, so an added bonus is that I don’t have to use hair ties on the trail. I used my BUFF to pull my hair up and keep it off my face, never having to do my usual bun. It’s nice to have options for this unruly head of mine.

Hair, under control!
Hair, under control!

When we gave the kids their BUFFs, we encouraged them to be creative. We all watched this video, which shows the many ways you can wear a BUFF. Each kid seemed to pick a favorite style right away. Parenting win!

We took our latest camping/hiking trip in October, which in north Georgia can mean 80-degrees of hot in the day and super chilly at night. We dipped our BUFFs in the water to keep cool on sunny hikes, and used them as scarves around the fire at night for warmth. The BUFFs were such a positive addition to our trip that I’m looking forward to trying more of the company’s products, especially the hats and wool textiles for the upcoming winter months.








Since we’ve been home, our BUFFs have remained constant companions. The kids have been wearing them around their necks to school, and I’ve been using them as headbands for work, for working out, and for doing chores around the house. Even though they’re relatively simple items, our BUFFs have added a lot of fun and function to our family. We will be adding to our collection very soon, and have already ordered some as gifts for our other outdoors-loving friends.

If you’re looking for an affordable addition to your gear supply, you’ll love a BUFF (or five). You can check out the different styles and order online here.




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