Evernew and the Story of Titanium

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Titanium. It sounds pretty hardcore, right? Like it should be in all caps. TITANIUM. There we go.

When we’re talking about cooking on the trail or at the campsite, titanium is best-known for it’s uncanny combination of durability and light weight. Cooking outdoors is one of the most important pieces of the outdoors puzzle. Whether you’re an outdoors aficionado or a family camper looking for great cookware for Pinterest-recipes, it’s probably time to upgrade to titanium. Evernew is the original and one of the most-loved brands on the market.

The story of how Evernew (and titanium cookware being a viable option for hikers) came to be is an interesting one. In the early 1990s, aluminum and stainless were the go-to materials for creating cookware, both coming with their own sets of issues: aluminum was light but not durable, while stainless held up but was too heavy.

The answer to the problem was titanium– which would solve both the weight and durability issues. But, of course, it’s never that easy. Titanium was not available at the thickness necessary for manufacturing cookware, and it was believed among the industry that it wouldn’t be possible to do so.

The folks at Evernew, instead of giving up, set up shop in Tsubame, a city in northern Japan, known for it’s history of metal craftsmanship. After spending two years working toward their goal, Evernew was ready for production and sales of titanium cookware.


Since then, Evernew has developed and launched many more products and streamlined their process, making their lines more accessible. They’ve recently partnered with REI, making several products available exclusively at that retailer.  If you asked a group of outdoor enthusiasts what cookware they won’t go without, you’d hear Evernew more than a few times. From camp stoves to cookware to water carrying, any serious hiker needs to give these products a try…we bet you’ll become a loyal fan of the company that equips the minimalist.



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